As technology changes materials are exposed to corrosion, intense temperature, scratches, and friction that requires material with advanced coating to protect it.

At Performance Coating strive we keep up with current products and process to provide quality service.

Our high temperature ceramic coating creates a durable and stable finish. The coating helps lock in the exhaust heat, minimizing the heat loss which decreases the underhood temperature therefore increasing the flow which increases over all horsepower

You can be assured that our powder coating process is environmentally friendly and, unlike paint, there is no drying time.

Any item to be powder coated must be clean to ensure a beautiful high quality finish. This is accomplished by various methods, such as sandblasting, phosphate washing and burn-off.

The method of cleaning is determined by the type and condition of the metal.  We include sandblasting and cleaning in our estimate to you so there are no “extra” cleaning or preparation fees.